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Ian Harvey (Australia)

September 2020
Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers
Got my pipes on and they beat all my expectations. The quality is excellent and the sound is incredible. I couldn't be more pleased. I found my Storm has heaps more torque, what more can I say. The postage to Australia was surprisingly quick especially during this Covid experience. I would recommend any one who wants a great sounding thunderbird - GET THESE PIPES.

Justin Whitney (Australia)
August 2020
Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird Lt And Commander Slash Cut Loud Pipes
Love the work Dave put in to the pipes they look fantastic.
They sound better then I imagined loud and nice deep tone not over the top what a big motor should sound like.
Super fast on delivery.

Tom Larsen (USA)
August 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 2500cc R and GT Patriot Exhaust
I just purchased the 2020 Rocket 3 R/GT muffler system.   The pipes look great and of the highest quality (perfect welds, positioning and shiny).   Also, they sound simply fantastic throughout the entire power band.  I most enjoy the crackling noise as revs are reduced.  Packaging and instructions were great.  Shipping was just a few days – quicker than expected.  The location of the fittings (just 3 of them and the O2 sensor) was spot on.  The entire install process will likely take you 1 hour or less.  David was great and was quick to respond with any questions regarding the business transaction (I live in the U.S) or regarding technical issues.   You must check these out!!   Happy customer, I love these pipes!!!   

Peter Carr (UK)

July 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 2500cc R and GT Patriot Exhaust
Dave is a pleasure to deal and a genuine great dude. Te exhaust quality is outstanding and it sounds absolutely immense! The video doesn't do this new exhaust justice!
It Fits straight onto the original hangers with ease but I do recommend a second pair of hands cos it is a bit fiddly.
Overall I'm over the moon and can't wait to get some miles done with it sounding the way it should.
All the best and thankyou.

Adam Newman (UK)

July 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 2500cc R and GT Patriot Exhaust
I approached Dave for a possible new exhaust design on my new Rocket 3 r, I’m pleased to say he got on with the designs straight away and made notes on my requirements. We arranged for me to visit with the bike and discuss the aspects in detail. He assisted in my transport arrangements as I left the bike in his safe keeping for a week.
He kept me updated each day with developments to a few days later with pictures of the prototype exhaust which looked perfect. It was important to have the sound, a deep tone (legal limit) growl that would give presence, I suggested 85 to 90 decibels.
I received a call to explain the exhaust was finished and testing had been completed, no warning lights and the deeper louder tone had been achieved. I made the journey back to Nottingham where Dave picked me up and took me to my gleaming machine with this marvellous new and perfectly styled system. I was excited to hear the new sound, and WOW, awesome! just what I wanted and sent shivers up my back!!.
The ride back home (240 miles) was perfect and I loved every mile. The bike performed perfectly and sounded just like it should.
A massive thank you for your exceptional support, quality of product, cost effectiveness and workmanship.

Shane Burke (Australia)

June 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird Lt And Commander Slash Cut Loud Pipes
They make all the difference. The bike now actually sounds like a 1700. Really deep with plenty of crackle and pop. Great welding and all craftsmanship, bloody helpful too. My 2016 Thunderbird commander is perfect now

Jason Buchanan (UK)

June 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchsed: Triumph Rocket 3 Custom Twin Silencers Short version and Cat Replacement

What a noise....
Collected this from the man himself, what a true gent and legend.
The exhaust itself is very well designed and constructed, sounds absolutely amazing. It truly is the best money I have spent on my Rocket.
The acceleration response is even better than what it was before. Made my Rocket look the dogs danglies. Would recommend these pipes all day long.

Nick Gaiger (UK)

May 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased:Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers and Cat Bypass Pipe

I’m sure you saw the smile on my face when I left you, however by the time I got back, the smile was so big I thought my face would fall in half…. 

What a transformation !!!!!  You certainly weren’t joking when you said about the extra power….   The bike was always sluggish in 5th when I was on the motorway, but now it just leaps in that 3 - 4000 rev range… 

Acceleration is awesome, and hearing the pipes really growl when I turn the throttle is a joy..  

Another thing too, with losing that extra weight the bike actually feels more nimble cornering…   Perhaps something to do with losing that weight of the pipes hanging off the back, but certainly it feels like a machine I can actually handle now, (you saw I wasn’t a big chap)..  It’s lost that ‘heaviness’..  I don’t know if that’s actually a real point, maybe it’s just the power is so much more available, but in any case, I love the new feel.  

I had to keep stopping at the services on the way back, just so I could get off and look at the pipes…. 

So overall, yes… I am absolutely overjoyed with your incredible product and work..  

Thank you so much…..  

Alain LEFEBVRE  (France)

May 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster Performance Pipe

Very fast shipment despite confinement!
Superb construction, very precise assembly and assembly without any worries.
Used with a TOR silencer, deep, powerful and beautiful noise!
Power gain, passage to the bench to support, +13 HP (TOR silencer + Pipe performance + RAM AIR intake kit).
Thank you very much Dave!

Phil Bell (Canada)

May 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 3 into 1 Outlaw

The pipe took 1 1/2 hours to install including 12 min. tune. Piece of cake!!
Looks great, sounds awesome! Crisp throttle response, what a beast!
Could not be happier with the product and service. Thanks......Phil

Peter Carlsson (Sweden)

May 2020

Model of Exhaust: Triumph Rocket 3 Performance Cat Bypass Pipe

I got it yesterday which was really quick,  and I mounted it. The fit is perfect and wonderful finish! And the sound with the stock mufflers is just music, it was great value for money and well worth the upgrade as its made lots of difference to the sound and power,  Thank you very much!

Dave Rothwell (UK)

March 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 custom twin short exhaust

Excellent service arrived fast, fantastic workmanship at a great price and easy to fit looks and sounds awesome would buy from here again no prob

Troy Bailey (Australia)

January 2020

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird LT and Commander Deep Tone Silencers 

Before = ok.

After = awesome 

I ordered the pipes to be delivered to Australia, which arrived in approximately a week.

I couldn't wait to get them on. I fitted them myself - very easy. I took my time and was very careful not to scratch them. I was in no rush but I finished them in about an hour which included the chrome heatshield. 

The look of them are fantastic and the sound is orgasmic. It now has a deep rumble at idle but once you crack the throttle she now has a serious bark. Also while riding other bikes/cars can hear you and on the change down she has some pop and crackle which sounds outstanding. 

I would recommend these pipes as the sound and quality are outstanding. They are worth every cent. One very happy customer. Thank you. 

Tuomo Kemi (Finland)
January 2020
Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 And 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers And Cat Bypass Pipe
The sounds are great  and looks very good, I love the quality. The black pipes make my bike look fantastic and I am very happy

Richard King (UK)

Dec 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Custom Silencers

I purchased the connector pipe & silencers,good quality finish, really nice welds and all the necessary seals & clamps are provided,which meant that removal of old exhaust & fitting of new only took an hour, carried out the 12 minute tune and took the bike for a run. What a sound these pipes make, nice & deep and a definite improvement in roll on power.  i'll get the ECU flashed to get the full benefit from the pipe. Dave is a really good guy to talk with, a real enthusiasm for the product, and confidently gives 5 year guarantee.on the workmanship.You won't get much of a weight reduction as they are made from stainless, but they'll last as long as the bike & are easy to polish up. Really happy with the purchase & love the sound.

Aaron Spalding (US)

Sept 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchasedt: Triumph Thunderbird LT Deep Tone Silencers

1) Build quality is exceptional.  I was skeptical of spending almost $1000 USD on these, but am glad I did.

2) Fitting them was very easy. I did not run into any issues at all.  Looks like it came like this from the factory!

3) Of course I had to fire it up to hear them.  Wow!  The bike sounds completely different.  I can't wait to take it out for a ride to hear how it sounds.  I can't comment on performance just yet, but will be heading to my local Triumph dealer to have the TORS tune installed.

Thank you for the good communication, fast shipping, and overall excellent product.  I am very pleased with them.

Darren Munroe (UK)

July 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster and X Models Outlaw Custom Silencers

Having just bought a Rocket 3 I was keen to change the existing pipes. From looking at many forums I was directed to Dave Platt. Best advice I have had. The pipes are extremely well made and fitted like a standard part. The technicians at Triumph were really impressed saying they were the best pipes they had seen on a Rocket.

They are loud, my mate say they scare young children but he does exaggerate! It does however sound like a spitfire when you roll off the throttle!!

I cant recommend the Outlaws enough! and with a 5 year warranty what have you got to lose

Dave was brilliant at providing advice and he always got back to me when I asked him for details. Really nice guy, great product

Mike Morden (UK)

June 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 And 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers And Cat Bypass Pipe
Had trouble getting my local Triumph dealer to change my Thunderbird 1700 Storm exhausts to the short version, so I hunted further afield and fortunately spotted Dave Platt's website. Dave was very responsive to my plight which ended with Dave personally fitting my bike with the cat bypass and Deep Tone Silencers, I can also recommend his wife's tea btw. Anyway I now enjoy a throaty roar from the new pipes and have experienced improved performance in terms of acceleration. The trip up from Essex to Notts was a day well spent and the journey back was a dream. 

Tony Seprini (UK)

June 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencer and Cat Bypass Pipe 

Truly delighted! what a transformation!

What a knowledgeable, friendly and very skilled guy you are, you explained it all to me and fitted the exhaust while I waited, perfect!

My bike sounds and looks like it should now

Thanks again!

Craig Gibson (UK)

May 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Cat Bypass Pipe Adjustable

A very high quality piece of fabrication which fitted the bike perfectly. The removal/ fitting process is simple and requires no specialist equipment other than basic spanners.
My bike was already remapped for the short TORS pipes and runs perfectly after fitting the bypass kit with no popping or back firing on the over run which I was initially concerned about. The weight saving is around three Kg's with the cat removed but the improved sound quality is indescribable. Still reasonably civilized at idle but under throttle absolutely phenomenal without being to intrusive to the rider.
A fantastic piece of kit and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Steven Hasler (US)

Apr 2019

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 And 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencer

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my Triumph Thunderbird Storm from the dealership today with the new exhaust, cat bypass, and air intake system installed.   The sound is amazing and I can really feel the increased acceleration and power.  It was beyond my expectations.  The dealership said it was the first time they had seen and heard your exhaust and they were very impressed.  They also said that it installed easily and the fit and finish was superb. 

Thank you again.

Gerry Halcrow (New Zealand)

Dec 2018

Model of Exhaust Purchased: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Cat Bypass Pipe Adjustable

There is simply no better decat kit for the Thunderbird Storm on the market. This product is outstanding. Performance and sound can’t be matched.

Grant Cook (US)

Sep 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster And X Models Outlaw Custom Silencers

Got in touch with Dave and got a response instantly via email. I live in California and received the exhaust really quickly. Installed easy and love the build quality. Top notch service. Thanks. Sound good too!

Paul Sykes (US)

July 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket 3 Custom Twin Silencers and Cat Replacement

Thank you Dave, these pipes are quality.  They look nice, sound nice and such a breeze to install.  Got the bike tuned proper and these pipes breath life back into this bike; the bike growls like the beast it is.

Matt Tenberg (US)

Jun 2018

Model: Triumph Thunderbird 1600

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for getting the mufflers out as fast as you did. I installed them in about 20 minutes and they sound wonderful!!!! I’m very happy with the way they make my Thunderbird look and sound.

Ian Goodall (UK)

May 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket III 2300cc Shorty Exhaust

A fine product well and worthily recommended. Easy to fit, high quality finish, it’s been fitted for 8 months and still looks great. Oh and the sound! Love it.

Rune Larsen (Norway)

May 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket 3 performance Cat Bypass Pipe

Got my baffle and cat by-pass for my Rocket 3 today, excellent quality from Dave Platt

Justin Haley (UK)

May 2018

Model: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers

If you own a Triumph Thunderbird and are considering options to remove the cat, get the Dave Platt de-cat kit, you won't regret it. My Thunderbird Storm now has the sound to match the looks. Customer service before and after purchase were superb and the actual kit is a thing of beauty!

Peter Harris (UK)

May 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket 3 Deep Tone Pipes

I have just received my exhausts for my rocket 3. I am very pleased with them very good service very happy.

Neil Smith (UK)

May 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket Roadster Deep Tone Silencers

I bought the DP replacement exhaust cans for my new Rocket 3 Roadster, as I was disappointed with the official Triumph TORs tone and character.  I wanted to get the same tone as I had on my previous Rocket 3 Classic using the Triumph supplied TORs.

Fitting was straight forward and took less than an hour using just a few simple tools.  Soon enough I was ready to fire it up and check for leaks during the ECU adjustment period (none found),  when the bike has to just idle for a few minutes to allow the ECU to readjust the mixture.  I wasn’t quite sure of the tone at first, it was deep but not as loud as I had expected (good for the neighbours), but once I got on and had a ride out, things sounded much better.  I got back the “growl” on acceleration that I had with the original Classic TORs and even a bit of popping and banging on the overrun when rolling off the throttle.  It’s a good tone that adds character without attracting too much of the wrong interest (the “Feds”) and has got rid of the “buzzing” I used to get at low speed.

I’m still contemplating adding the cross pipe to give the maximum effect, but with just the cans it still sounds so much better.  I must say a big thanks to Dave for being patient with me and replying to all my emails before making a purchase.

Peter Straw (UK)

April 2018

Model: Triumph Rocket 3 2300cc Shotgun Polished finish

I had been looking at David Platt exhausts for a number of months I had decided on the shorty but as I was ordering I saw he had made a new system the shotgun. I liked them but not in mat black so I message David and asked if he could do a set polished. We spoke on the phone and he said he could. I'm very happy with the end result they sound fantastic look great exactly what I wanted.

Very helpful guy and they fit really well.

If anybody is unsure try to see a system live, the digital sound does not do them justice.

Bob Wilke (USA)

April 2018

Model: Triumph Thunderbird and LT Commander Slash Cut Loud Pipes

Dave I received the pipes yesterday and installed them under an hour. The fitment is excellent. The sound of these pipes makes is awesome and well worth the wait. Dave I also want to thank you for taking care of me on this deal, I’m very pleased and I will brag you up ever chance j get, once again thank you.

Denis Secker (UK)

Sept 2017

Model: Triumph Thunderbird LT Deep Tone Silencers

I cannot express my enthusiasm for short silencers from Dave Platt. I have had two lots from him and both for the Thunderbird. First bike was the 1600 version and coupled with that I had purchased the cat by-pass pipes as well absolutely awesome sound, especially in low gear and with lots of revs. Caught in a hold up. Give it some welly and it was like the parting of the Red Sea. Second set of pipes I purchased was for the later model Thunderbird 1700 LT. Sound just as great with a nice warble at low revs. Both sets of pipes were very easy to get on even as a complete 'Numpty' like myself. I cannot recommend Daves pipes enough. Any one getting these will not be disappointed.

Larry McCall (USA)

Aug 2017

Model: Triumph Thunderbird 1600 and 1700 Storm Deep Tone Silencers and Cat Bypass Pipe

After reviewing all aftermarket exhaust systems for my Triumph Thunderbird Storm I decided on the Dave Platt Exhaust  and cat bypass. The Dave Platt exhaust and bypass is very well designed and fabricated. They provide a great sound and boost in performance.  The exhaust can  also works and looks great with the stock muffler guard. The mechanic at the local bike shop I use was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship as well on both products. I enjoyed dealing with Dave personally and the units shipped the day after I ordered them

Russ Semeran

July 2017

Model: Triumph Rocket Roadster Custom Silencers

I wanted to let potential customers know that I am very happy with the

Roadster Deep Tone exhaust, the workmanship is excellent, top quality! The

correspondence with Dave was perfect and he talked me through the process

and gave me written assistance with fitting the pipes.

I love the sound and the extra power it's great, I would 100% recommend this

system for the Roadster, contact Dave direct for the best deal.

Alan McGuiness  (Scotland)

Mar 2017

Model: Triumph Rocket Roadster Outlaw Custom Silencers

Superb quality - easy install and great fit. The Rocket now sounds like it should. Best thing I ever bought for my Rocket - LOVE THEM !

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