About Us

About Us

We provide a wide range of Triumph After-Market Exhaust pipes to give your pride and joy that extra growl, and enhance it's already beautiful looks.

As early as the age of 12 I have always tinkered with motorbikes. The old man next door had a knackered old motorbike in his garden and told me ‘if you can get it going’ you can have it.

If I could not get the parts I made them from any suitable material. A local man had a garage and was always willing to help.

I went on to complete a toolmakers apprenticeship before joining the Army, and qualified as a military mechanical engineer with a passion for riding and racing motorbikes.

I have made and customised my own parts, understanding volumetric efficiencies, torque and power outputs, I learnt about re-mapping and tuning bikes for the best sound and max power which has always been a quest. 

The first Triumph Rocket exhaust I developed was the cat bypass back in 2005, it was so popular 100s of riders asked about developing and manufacturing other systems specifically for Triumph motorcycles. The exhausts are now manufactured in a wonderful workshop full of specialist machines and tradesmen who make these top quality systems all from 304 grade stainless steel.